Bike Love and Bus Shelter Repair

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The LA 31 transportation team began their service by supporting the Bike Love benefit for Asheville on Bikes and the Asheville Middle School bike club. Their next project will highlight the vital importance of our public transit system and the challenges to rider access. Working with Green Opportunities, the LA 31 transportation team will identify transit stops that need repair and will host events to renovate those stops. Several members are also taking part in the Asheville Bike and Pedestrian Task Force. Specific details about upcoming events will be released when they are available.

LA 31 Transportation Team Main Project

In May of 2013 the LA 31 transportation team was able to complete their community service project and reapir and fix up a local bus shelter.  The scope of work was simple and basic, but made a big difference in the appearance and safety of the shelter.  Folks in the neighborhood and people driving by seemed to appreciate the work that was going on and give shows of support.  Here’s a short list of what was accomplished:

  • Power washed entire structure
  • Removed tape from plexiglass
  • Removed random wood block attached to floor
  • Removed all random bolts sticking up from floor
  • Re-secured all plexiglass to the structure (this proved to be a big job!)
  • Installed 2 wooden railings across the back of the structure
  • Installed a wooden “bulletin board” for posting of notices
  • Stained existing benches and new railings
  • Trash pickup and general cleaning

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