Day of Painting with Mountain Housing Opportunities

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Mountain Housing Opportunities is a non-profit community development corporation serving Asheville and Buncombe County. MHO builds homes for low income and middle class families and improves neighborhoods and communities. The organization is most well known for its Self-Help Homeownership program, which provides low or moderate income families and individuals in Buncombe County the chance to own an affordable home through “sweat equity” construction hours. On March 28, 2013 the LA 31 Housing Team launched the first community service project with a half-day of painting a new 2-story home recently built my MHO.

Connecting with MHO

LA 31 Class members also consulted with the Lisa Keeter, a member of MHO administrative staff, on how to research potential donors and enhance MHO’s funding capacity. According to team coordinator Anita Silver, “The most exciting thing is that the qualified families are grouped together to work on the Self Help homes all together as a group.” “The construction supervisors guiding the homeowners through the construction are extremely knowledgeable about the work and passionate about the program,” she continued.


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