What organizations currently exist to provide help to people that are working but can not make enough money to cover the total cost of living including housing transportation, healthcare and childcare?

Team 8 – Nonprofit Research

Key Questions:

  1. Are there other non-profits in the region working towards improving wage conditions and how do they do that?
  2. What services are available to help fill the gaps for folks who don’t make a living wage?
  3.  Which sectors and organizations provide those services?
  4. What programs are working to meet those needs?

Summary of Research:

Just Economics is the only group doing work related to Living Wages in WNC. Buncombe County Department of Health and Human services offers some public assistance programs. Currently this is more subsidy than wage related but “work support” components are expected to become more a part of a public assistance program package to include:

  • Medicaid for Children
  • Health Choice
  • Medicare for pregnant women
  • Subsidy for child care
  • Food Stamps

These are all directly impacted in some way by the Affordable Care Act.

North Carolina Families Accessing Services through Technology (NC FAST) is a program designed to improve the way the NC Department of Health and Human Services and county departments of social services do business.

Other non-profit service providers include:

1. ABCCM-Circles Program

2. Lifeworks-Community Action Opportunities: Head Start, Life Works, Weatherization.

3. Goodwill-Assistance with career counseling, skills assessments, job readiness etc.

4. Mountain Area Workforce Development Board-Employm