What local industries and business sectors currently provide a living wage?

Team 2 – Healthcare/Big Box/Manufacturing/Hospitality Research

Key Questions:

  1. Do the healthcare, biog box, hospitality, and manufacturing industries pay a living wage?
  2. Is the living wage an issue these sectors focus on?
  3. What economic, social, cultural, and regional factors typically suppress wages?

Summary of Research Findings:

It is interesting that in the range studied, the propensity to pay a living wage seemed to have a negative correlation with the incentive in terms of publicity for that industry to pay a living wage. For instance, the health care industry by and large pays a living wage (perhaps because of the skill level of the worker) but avoids publicizing this out of pricing sensitivity from the consumer. Manufacturers tend to pay a living wage despite the fact that they do not have a local consumer base which might drive such a decision. The retail sector often does not pay a living wage, but would be more apt to under pressure from consumers. The hospitality industry, especially small businesses, feel a strong push from consumers to become living wage certified but struggle to make this work economically.