Who is most impacted by low wage jobs at present?

Team 1 – Low Wage Impacts Research

Key Questions:

  1. Who is impacted most by low wages?
  2. What are the demographics and other characteristics of this group?
  3. What are the biggest challenges these groups face as a result of their economic status?
  4. How does this affect their quality of life?

Summary of Research Findings:

This group interviewed Vicki Meath, Executive Director of Just Economics, as well as Cynthia Grady and Brenda Rhinehart of the Asheville City Schools. Low wages jobs tend to require lower skill levels, so people with less education are more often impacted by low wages. There are, however, more college graduates working in low wage jobs in the Asheville area because of the high proportion of businesses which supply services to the tourism industry. Low wages are especially impactful on single women who are heads of households because the cost of childcare is especially high. This team found that transportation, housing, and health care costs are also impactful on this group.