2013 LA 31 Class Program & Service Projects

LA 31 Class Retreat

The Leadership Asheville 31 class is dedicated to demonstrating that, although a living wage is important to the financial health and dignity of every working person, there are also essential elements within Asheville’s community that must be supported to improve the quality of life for all people, especially those at the lower end of the wage spectrum. LA 31 community service projects strive to highlight the way the community as a whole can contribute to improving the quality of life for individuals who are working to reach a reasonable level of prosperity.

Improving Life in Asheville for Everyone

Improving the quality of life in Asheville and the region depends on good paying jobs and support from the public and non-profit sector. By promoting a community where people are healthy, children are cared for, transportation is accessible, and homes are available, Leadership Asheville Class 31 wants to show that there are many factors affecting the lives of local workers that need to be addressed by the community as a whole.

Read our class research.

Learn about our community service projects:


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